Seasonal Venison 30lb Case (as 15 Chubs)


Limited Supply – Seasonal Product

Our venison is packaged in 2lb chubs within the case, containing 15 containers or 30lbs total. This is a venison grind which includes the essential meat, organ, and bone in a prey model ratio (80%/10%/10%) that is closest to that of the animal.

This product can be fed as a meal. The rule of thumb in figuring out your dog or cat’s daily feeding amount is to feed 2.5% of their body weight daily, and then adjust the amount, if necessary, from there.

For example, for a 50lb dog: 50lbs x 0.025 = 1.25lbs daily multiplied by 16 to convert to ounces = 20oz daily. Some active dogs will go up to 3% daily and some sedentary dogs may be 2% daily.

If new to raw, please check out our learning area. It is advised to achieve balance in nutrients over time to rotate 3-4 proteins. However, if a dog or cat is just starting raw, it is recommended to introduce one protein at a time and work up to the 3-4 in rotation.

This product is produced from small local Illinois farmers through ethical and sustainable practices. 100% human grade, high quality meat. No preservatives, fillers, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, flavorings, artificial ingredients, gluten, or grain.

We operate under a USDA HACCPP plan which ensures product integrity as well as proper storage, temperatures, handling, microbial control and avoids cross-contamination of products.

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