Organ Blend 10lb Case


Our organ blend is packaged in 2lb chubs within the case, 5 chubs for 10 lbs total.

This product can be fed as PART of a meal. This is an organ blend, that you can include at approximately 10% when served as a meal with any raw meaty bones or turkey necks to complete the 80/10/10 prey model raw ratio.

NOTE: Do not feed an organ blend as an entire full meal. It is meant to be fed as part of the the model raw guidelines of organ content, or as a supplement. A full meal of or too high of organ content will cause loose or tarry dark stools.

Produced from small local Illinois farmers through ethical and sustainable practices. 100% human grade, high-quality meat. No preservatives, fillers, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, flavorings, artificial ingredients, gluten, or grain. We operate under a USDA HACCPP plan which ensures product integrity as well as proper storage, temperatures, handling, microbial control and avoids any cross-contamination of products.

Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis show on label in product photos.

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