Mixed Bundle 30lb Case (as 15 Chubs)


Our mixed bundle are packaged in 2lb chubs within the case, containing 15 containers or 30lbs total. These are “whole” grinds which include the essential meat, organ, and bone in a prey model ratio (80%/10%/10%) that is closest to that of the animal.

Farm favorites proteins are: boar, turkey, goat, chicken, rabbit. The case contains 3 chubs of each.

Our proteins contain exactly that – only the protein on the label and processed without the chance of cross-contamination.

This is a prey model raw food blend for all life stages of dogs, cats, and ferrets, which includes essential meat, organ, and bone. This product can be fed as a meal. Daily amount based on feeding 2.5% body weight daily. This is a good start point, please adjust accordingly. Remember, our feeding table is a starting point, add or subtract accordingly to your pet’s needs.Store product in freezer until ready to use. Best if fed 3-4 days after thawing. Wash hands, counters, dishes with hot, soapy water after each feeding. For new users, introduce 1 protein at a time, gradually working up to 3 (or more) proteins in rotation to achieve balance over time. If new to raw, please check out our learning area.

This product is produced from small local Illinois farmers through ethical and sustainable practices. 100% human grade, high quality meat. No preservatives, fillers, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, flavorings, artificial ingredients, gluten, or grain.

We operate under a USDA HACCPP plan which ensures product integrity as well as proper storage, temperatures, handling, microbial control and avoids cross-contamination of products.

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