Raw Meaty Lamb Bones 10lb Case


Raw meaty lamb bones!

These are beautiful lamb bones that your dogs will love!

Raw meaty bones provide your dog with great mental and physical stimulation. Gnawing through bone can also help to promote oral hygiene. If feeing raw meaty bones as a regular meal, to stay balanced, please include 10% organ content. We offer beef organ mix which you can use for this.

Know your dog. Always watch them when giving raw meaty bones.

You can’t go too big with a raw meaty bone, but you can go too small, so it is not advised to cut these down. Larger pieces show the dog they must gnaw and crunch them rather than swallow.

Remember to handle raw meaty bones the same way you would handle raw meat for yourself. Feed on an easy to clean surface or outside. Do not feed on carpet or rugs, as bacteria from the raw meat can be difficult to clean deep down in the fibers.

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