Our Farms and Operations

Our farms are 5th generation family owned since 1888. Our products are produced through ethical and sustainable practices. We raise the animals from our own breeding programs as well as they grasses and feed they eat. Nothing is outsourced. We know exactly what goes into each container and your beloved dog, cat, or ferret’s food comes from our farm straight to you. 100% human grade, high quality meat. We operate in a human processing facility under a USDA HACCP plan which ensures product integrity as well as proper storage, temperatures, handling, microbial control, and avoids cross-contamination of products.

We believe that we will deliver a product you can be proud of… fresh, locally grown, no chemicals/synthetics, fillers/etc, strict human-grade standards and processing, and transparency in anything you need to know about our food or what we do. Our pets deserve it.

farm2bowl sheep
farm2bowl cows
farm2bowl chicken
farm 2 bowl chickens
farm2bowl happy pigs
farm 2 bowl happy sheep
farm 2 bowl oat harvest

Wondering what our animals eat? Here is a list…

Boar: grain and free range in forest

Beef: grass, hay, oats

Ram and Goat: grass, hay, alfalfa, some oats

Rabbits: alfalfa and rabbit pellets comprised of mostly timothy grass hay

Chicken, Duck, Turkey: grass, vegetation, grain

We grow all the food above that our animals eat.