Farm 2 Bowl was formed in partnership between Dr. Erin O’Connor and LouisJohn Slagel.


 Dr. Erin O’Connor is an animal chiropractor and naturopathic carnivore nutrition consultant. She owns Vitality Animal Chiropractic in Aurora, IL and Roaring For Raw, which serves to educate pet owners on raw feeding. From the moment Dr. O’Connor opened her practice, she observed how much healthier raw fed dogs and cats were and she hasn’t looked back on processed food for pets since. She has been an advocate for raw feeding for about 8 years and encourages her clients to consider it for their dogs, cats, and ferrets. She has wanted to partner with a farmer for several years to provide a high quality raw food diet with animals that are raised properly. Now her dreams are finally happening. Dr. O’Connor resides in Aurora, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, with her husband, Italian greyhound, border collie, German shepherd, and African grey parrot.

LouisJohn Slagel is a fifth-generation farmer and owner of Slagel Family Farms. Instead of modernizing all aspects of the farming operation, he has stayed focused on operating a smaller scale farm which focused more on quality rather than mass production. Every aspect of his farming operation is controlled, from breeding and genetics to growing the feed rations fed to the livestock. LouisJohn Slagel resides in Fairbury, IL with his wife, Leslie, their 4 children, and labrador, Diesel.

Our goal is to produce a product for your pet that meet the same quality standards you hold for your own dinner plate. We partner with local, sustainable farms who raise all natural livestock in outdoor environments which supply wholesome, USDA inspected natural meats. Our finished product is hand-crafted in small batches to ensure that each bite will offer nothing but the best nutrition for your pet.

LousJohn Slagel and Dr. Erin O'Connor